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. How Does Celebrity Pricing Work?

To make buying easy, we’ve got daring the costs on Celebrity Prices appearing in the font are currently comparing prices. Prices in black are the current selling rates.

  1. How Do I Pay For My Purchase?

For convenience, Celebrity accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards for payment.

  1. After I Have Put My Order, Can I Make A Change?

Changes could be made following an arrangement Is filed but within a business day. Our system is designed to fill orders and get them in their way. When it’s been placed, Because of this, we’re not able to cancel or make some adjustments after one business day.

  1. Where Do I Search For Information?

Your Purchase Confirmation email details that the cost of every product, shipping charges, and your order number.

  1. Can You Ship Orders?

All our coats are ship. Our clients are amazed by our shipping prices FedEx or by DHL.

  1. Is Ordering Online Safe?

To ensure that your purchase is protected and to safeguard your privacy, we use PayPal that’s Secure Socket Layer (SSL) utilizing 128-bit encryption. It’s then decoded and processed once PayPal receives the purchase.

  1. Just How Long Can It Take To Get My Purchase?

Expedited support is used by us and will take to achieve in your doorstep. Visit our Shipping Information page.

  1. Do I Want To Enroll?

To help us help you better in the future, please register as a client on the website. Just access “Account Registration” on the “My Account” page.

  1. How Do I Get My Account History?

In case you’ve registered for an account with Celebrity, then you might get that info on the “My Account” page. Enter your User ID and password to get reminder details, address book, and your credit history.

  1. Where Do You Get Your Leather?

Our leather is an. The hides are purchased by us and change them.

  1. When I Have Some Questions, How Do I Contact

Please speak to our Customer Care Department via Live chat or