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Free Shipping

Contrary to Many other leather jackets stores that have unique rules and a lot of requirements, provides free shipping in worldwide on all orders. At the same time, we charge a very minimum amount on the rest of the countries. We have no minimum order sizes or specific exceptions for Free Delivery in the said countries. As we are offering Free Delivery, but it doesn’t mean that we take a long time. knows that customers want their orders and how much is it essential for you, therefore we process your purchase quickly and try to deliver in the most minimum time.

  1. Delivery Time:

It takes 6-7 Business / Working Days. If we are not able to deliver your order within the given time, please get in touch with us in 24 Hours.

  1. Shipment:

We process all the products in our warehouse, where we have rugs, clothes, and everything we need. They are situated in Overseas.

We have fast Delivery Services, such as DHL, FedEx, and Leopard, and these are famous for their fast delivery services.

We provide you a tracking code that helps you to track the order status. It helps you monitor your order until it reaches your destination.

  1. Acknowledgment / Confirmation:

Once you place the order, we will send you an invoice/receipt which has complete details of your ordered product. If you do not receive any receipt or order confirmation, it means the system has not confirmed your product. In such cases, please contact our sales representatives.

  1. Tracking Details

Tracking Details mean, you will receive a Tracking Code which will let you update with the order status and its progress till the shipment of your order. The Tracking Details include Shipment Date and Expected Delivery Date of the Order.

  1. Late Delivery:

By any means, if the delivery fails to reach the location. We will return the amount, or another shipment will be sent as a result of the solution.