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Akira Kaneda Red Leather Jacket


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Product Features

  • Exterior: Available in Real and Faux Leather
  • Interior: Viscose Fabric
  • Collar: Snap Tab
  • Closure: Combination of Zipper and Buttons
  • Color: Red
  • The “Capsule” Design at the Back



Akira Kaneda Leather Jacket

Straight from the apocalyptic world of an iconic anime, it would not be wrong to say that this fictional animated series from the Japanese television world really setten the bar and contributed a lot to making the genre what it is today. Despite the fact it was aired in mid-1988, still to this date, this show is not off the list of those representing such a genre, especially at the anime conventions and even the costume parties at their friend’s place. This might be an iconic classic piece representing the culture of the fictional world, overall shows to this date are ranked in the top ten anime shows and if you have even little knowledge of this genre you would know that the anime genre has quite many shows to offer. You might already have seen the show as you are already on this page but there are many costume enthusiasts who just can’t refuse the Akira Kaneda jacket just due to its amazing cuts, designs, and wholesome look of it. If there is any convention relating to anime and you can not see anyone wearing this piece remember everyone in that convention are just rookies who want to play costumes. The anime culture really worships the show Akira because of its amazing storyline and the overall setting of it, the twists, and the plot; this show can really get you to the edge of the couch and there are some parts where you would have to grab some tissues to wipe off your tears.

For the anime conventions, there is no doubt this outfit is the best one to grab, but if you are a real devotee of such a genre then it might be surprising for even a person like you that you can literally flaunt this piece anywhere you want, even to your workplace. That can be a bit challenging but hey, there is a reason why so many articles are available online regarding clothing and color combinations to get the most out of your outfit. Understanding that wearing an Akira Leather Jacket would be a no-brainer. Plus our outfit has all the functionality to get you through the day without regretting your decision to wear it casually. The outfit’s outermost shell is made up of real leather along with premium quality viscose inner lining making sure the comfy and snug feel even in the cold seasons of the year so your jacket is not going to be resting in your wardrobe half of the time and the high quality is going to serve you many years making it a good investment for your chic persona and statement looks. The Kaneda Capsule Jacket comes in the astonishing or probably best to say the most adored tone of all, red in color, not just making it so likable alone for its hue as every fashionista knows red color is the most versatile tone of the bunch; for a quick casual look you can make out of it is a white tee underneath with a khaki chinos along with your best white sneakers to wrap it all up and voila there you are looking flabbergasting and ready to grab some drinks with friends while wearing an outer layer straight from your favorite anime of all time.

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