The new season of “Interview with the Vampire” covers an adventure with Louis and Claudia in Europe during the end of World War ll. And as the characters search for other vampires the inner angst is manifested in their gorgeous and enticing wardrobe. Some notable pieces this season have been explored in this blog, particularly through celebrity-inspired jackets that can be found at Celebrity Jackets. Now take Louis’s coats, Claudia’s looks, to Lestat’s trench- all apparels have a crucial part to play in the film as the overall narrative for the characters progresses.

Jacob Anderson’s Black Coat

Season 2 has Jacob Anderson portraying the character of Louis who slips into gorgeousness and sophistication at every turn. The most one of a kind garment in his collection is his black coat. Louis’ coat is not just an attire, it is a representation of this inner conflict and the sinister other side of Louis’s world.

The coat is mainly black with a trim and Louis is the right character for the coat. It embodies the scene of a man troubled by his past and fighting against his own internal enemies. The fabric is as black as his sorrow and the kind of thoughts he has; it is rich and tailored to fit him – classy and yet very disturbed.

If you are looking for a stylish piece that embodies Louis’s refined masculinity, the Jacob Anderson Interview With The Vampire S02 Black Coat is a perfect choice. They may be worn with both informal and formal clothes; thus they can blend perfectly in a person’s wardrobe.

Jacob Anderson’s Black Coat

Jacob Anderson’s Jacket

The other item of clothing that you can notice that Jacob Anderson is wearing is his jacket. This piece is also slightly more casual but still very much speaks to the perceived style Louis always has. The jacket is well-designed from quality fabrics to guarantee comfort and long-lasting performance due to the character’s extensive adventures and experiences.

The jacket is styled in a way that the small additions show Louis’s exquisite style. The lack of ornamentality makes it an everyday-wear and fits Louis’s personality as well as circumstances – Louis is a fighter and the garment is used for the wrestling scene. It is very easy to carry this piece and match it with simple pieces of clothing in order to represent a bit of Louis in the fan’s ordinary appearance.

Jacob Anderson Interview With The Vampire S02 Jacket

Interview With The Vampire S02 Claudia Brown Coat

The Claudia Brown Coat is a beautiful piece of clothing suggesting a woman who possesses beauty and aloofness at the same time. The color is a rich brown that adds warmth and the design also remains fairly traditional and somewhat reminiscent of the styles of a bygone era. This coat will suit Claudia because her character lives amidst vampires who experience numerous conflicts in this world with a combination of wonder and aloofness.

It has got beautiful and attractive patterns with a figure-hugging shape of a coat. It symbolizes the changes that Claudia goes through and her travels through Europe as a reluctant vampire trying to find her place in this world while at the same time being afraid to show her true emotions. If someone loves the way Claudia dressed in the series and wants to recreate the looks she had, this coat is one of the best options, as it is both a historical piece and modern fashion.

Interview With The Vampire S02 Claudia Brown Coat

Lestat De Lioncourt Interview With The Vampire Trench Coat

Overall, The Lestat De Lioncourt Trench Coat is breath-taking, because it truly embodies Lestat. One can see reflected in the coat the flowing lines of the long coat and the exquisite handwork that also reflects Lestat’s ageless beauty and his dominance. The trench coat is versatile and can be worn as a coat with a practical use of keeping warm and providing sufficient protection against the rain as well as making a strong statement in terms of fashion.

I am a big fan of Lestat and this particular trench coat makes a ever-lasting piece of clothing which gives off a little bit of what makes Lestat so irresistible and eternal. The coat is quite appropriate when worn with either modern or vintage style clothes and thus can be bundled up as a fashion essential. This is a huge success for the character of Lestat, and the role he plays in shaping the notion of vampires.

Lestat De Lioncourt Interview With The Vampire Trench Coat

Jacob Anderson’s Grey Cotton Jacket

The Jacob Anderson Interview With The Vampire Grey Cotton Jacket makes the remarkable choice for comfortable and stylish clothing. This jacket may be suitable for those who are seeking a more casual but classy style. Grey has a neutral shade and hence can match with any type of clothes that a person may wish to wear for any occasion.

Another interesting detail is the addition of small elements to the jacket that helped to improve its look. It is a perfect embodiment of Louis’ personality as the hero although doomed to a suffering spirit remains a very well and practically dressed man. Those who are Louis’s fans and seek for something, which combines softness and strictness, can try this grey jacket made of cotton.

Jacob Anderson Interview With The Vampire Grey Cotton Jacket


While the second season of “Interview with the Vampire” not only tells a captivating story but also features wonderfully embodied characters in gorgeous costumes. The clothing for each character is selected with a cult and represents the character and their arcs.

For those who want to conserve a piece of the show for themselves, Celebrity Jackets offers these items for customers to add a touch of the show’s glamor and intrigue to their own closets. Now whether you like Louis’s tailored coats or Claudia’s style brown jacket, or Lestat’s perfect trench  there is something for everybody. From the artistic makeup to the elegant wardrobe of interview with the vampire Season 02 you will find everything to start your personal style journey.